Mail Center FAQ

Of course! We provide retail shipping rates for FedEx® and DHL®. USPS® and UPS® shipping is also available for our CoWork Club members, Mailbox renters, and regular customers with an Edwin Jarvis account.

Yep. We accept all FedEx® DHL® USPS® and UPS® pre-printed labels. Keep in mind that we only accept free drop-off shipments under 24″ and 24 lbs. We reserve the right to refuse any package with or without reason. Shipping label printing is $2 per label for retail customers and free for CoWork Club members and Mailbox renters.

No, we do not participate in square QR codes or AT&T equipment returns.

We got you covered! We’ll tape up your box and won’t force you to buy tape.

Yep. We have an entire catalog of bulk rate packaging supplies available for our commercial customers (entrepreneurs and small business owners). We also have a selection of retail products such as packing tape, bubble wrap, bubble mailers, and envelopes for purchase at the counter. If you are shipping something that needs to be packed, we offer full service packing which includes all supplies.

Nope. We aren’t that kind of place. You can bring in your shipment fully packed or hire us to do it for you.

We carry a few types of specialty boxes that are designed to ship specific items such as framed artwork. We also custom build boxes for unique shipments. Specialty and custom packing service starts at $22.

Yep. We offer FedEx Express® and DHL® International shipments. Please note that every country has their own list of restricted items, customs regulations, and required documentation. And all customs and duties fees must be paid by the recipient.

We don’t ship dangerous goods, such as but not limited to air bags, ammunition, explosives, gasoline, lithium batteries, matches, and paint. There are other restrictions too, like dry ice. Please call or text us if you are not sure about your item.

We offer carrier specific declared value/insurance but do not offer third party insurance. We find that the carriers’ declared value or insurance coverage covers almost all shipment types and goods from damage during transit. If you are concerned about certain items, such as artwork, jewelry, and antiques, you may or may not choose to purchase insurance from an insurance agent or broker to get door-to-door protections.