CoWork Club Memberships

Pay-as-you-go Account

$30.00 on the last day of each month

The Pay-as-you-go Account provides pay-as-you-need-it access to our coworking space and is perfect for those who occasionally need a place to work or meet with clients. This account will also unlock exclusive member promotional offers, specials, and events that are not available to retail customers.

First payment prorated. Next payment: May 31, 2024

With a Pay-as-you-go Account, you get:

  1. Coworking @ $10/day (or 50% off surge pricing)
  2. Individual quiet desk booking
  3. Private phone booth booking @ $10/hr
  4. Private huddle room booking @ $10/hr
  5. Team booth booking @ $10/hr
  6. Member exclusive promotional offers